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PNP Lambasts JLP Candidate Dean Jones for Gun Incident

Former Councillor Pulls Gun in St. Thomas Showdown

Explosive Brawl in St. Thomas


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Dive into the explosive clash between Dean Jones and the PNP, unfolding a gripping tale of
political strife and escalating tensions in St. Thomas.

Unveiling the gritty reality of political confrontations, a recent incident in St. Thomas has
thrust Dean Jones, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker-candidate, into a maelstrom of controversy.

The clash, captured vividly in circulated videos, depicts Jones brandishing a firearm during a
brawl in Trinityville, St. Thomas, sparking outrage from the Opposition People’s National Party

As attorney Alexander Shaw pleads for non-politicization of the event, the PNP vehemently condemns
Jones for his actions, labelling them as intimidation tactics. The altercation, initially unfolding
at a PNP worker’s meeting, escalated into violence as Jones and his supporters clashed with PNP members, culminating in a shocking display of aggression.

Former Councillor Pulls Gun in St. Thomas Showdown

Peter Bunting, Shadow Minister of Citizen Security, decries the incidents as grave threats to democracy, urging swift police intervention. The altercation, marked by physical violence and political tension, threatens the safety and sanctity of the electoral process in St. Thomas.

Despite Shaw’s defence of Jones, citing self-defence amidst perceived threats, Bunting insists on a thorough investigation to hold perpetrators accountable. The call for civility resonates strongly as St. Thomas grapples with the aftermath of the explosive confrontation.

In the wake of escalating tensions, calls for peace and adherence to the rule of law reverberate through the political landscape. Shaw’s plea for privacy clashes with Bunting’s demand for transparency, underscoring the polarized nature of the unfolding events.

Amidst conflicting narratives and mounting pressure, the spotlight remains fixed on St. Thomas as authorities navigate the complexities of political violence. As the investigation unfolds, the implications reverberate far beyond the borders of Trinityville, shaping the discourse on democracy and political accountability in Jamaica.

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