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Shocking Incident at St Catherine Health Facility Leads to Arrests and Charges

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Shocking Incident at St Catherine Health Facility Leads to Arrests and Charges

Shocking Incident at St Catherine Health Facility



In a disturbing turn of events at a St Catherine health facility, two male porters find themselves in legal trouble as they have been arrested and charged with the rape and grievous sexual assault of a patient. This shocking incident took place on Friday, August 18, leading to the apprehension of 20-year-old Shemar Edwards, known as ‘Usher’, and 31-year-old Corey Orr, known as ‘Shortman’, both residents of St Catherine.


Two male porters at a St Catherine health facility have been taken into custody following allegations of rape and sexual assault against a patient. The incident occurred on August 18, sending shockwaves through the community. The suspects, identified as 20-year-old Shemar Edwards and 31-year-old Corey Orr, have been charged and are now awaiting their court date. The swift action taken by the Spanish Town police highlights the gravity of the situation and the commitment to justice.

Details and Context:

The Spanish Town police received a report from a female patient who had fallen victim to this appalling crime. According to reports, around 8pm, the patient went to a vending machine within the health facility’s premises. Tragically, upon her return to the ward, she was led to a different area of the facility by Shemar Edwards. Here, both Edwards and Corey Orr are alleged to have subjected her to sexual assault. The situation escalated further when Orr reportedly committed the heinous act of rape.

Response and Legal Proceedings:

The victim’s bravery came to the forefront as she reported the incident to a nurse, who promptly informed the authorities. This timely response led to the arrest of both suspects. The Spanish Town police acted swiftly, apprehending Shemar Edwards and Corey Orr and bringing them into custody. The subsequent charges reflect the seriousness of the crimes they are accused of committing. As the legal process unfolds, the community and the nation as a whole await the upcoming court date, which is currently being arranged.


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