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New COVID-19 Updates for jamaica

New COVID-19 Updates for jamaica

New COVID-19 Updates for Jamaica


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Dr. Winsome Christie, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica, spoke to me about the COVID-19 vaccines today. She mentioned that people must get information from reputable Internet sites because quite several persons are posting false information on the Internet.

There are reputable sites such as the WHO or the CDC in America. Various countries have government-hosted sites. For example, you could visit the Jamaican Covid-19 site. Dr. Winsome Christie encourages people to talk with their pharmacists to get more information about COVID-19. “Your pharmacist is well-trained to assist you”, she said.

Persons in Jamaica who have already taken their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine should now be checking when they are due to have their second dose. Have a look at the table below with the approved Covid-19 drugs.

Vaccine Brand

Who Can Get It?

How Many Shots Needed?

When Are You Fully Vaccinated?


12 years and under.

2 shots

Given 3 weeks (21 days) apart

2 weeks after your second shot


People 18 years and older

2 shots

Given 4 weeks (28 days) apart

2 weeks after your second shot

Johnson & Johnson

People 18 years and older

1 shot

2 weeks after your shot


Persons above 16 years.

2 shots 12 weeks apart.

2 weeks after your second shot



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