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Shocking Murder in Trelawny: Chef Fatally Shot in Hague New Housing Scheme

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Shocking Murder in Trelawny: Chef Fatally Shot in Hague New Housing Scheme

Murder in Trelawny


Discover the latest update on a tragic incident that has shocked the residents of Trelawny. A 30-year-old chef, Kemar Williams, was fatally shot while seated in his car in the Hague New Housing Scheme in the parish during the early hours of Monday morning. This shocking incident prompted the Trelawny police to launch a thorough investigation into the case.

The victim, Kemar Williams, a talented chef hailing from Water Lane, Falmouth, tragically lost his life in this untimely and violent incident. As per reports from the Falmouth police, the dreadful event occurred around 1:10 am when sudden explosions were heard in the housing scheme, drawing attention to the scene.

In an attempt to flee the danger, Williams hastily drove away but, unfortunately, lost control of his Mazda Premacy motor car, leading to a devastating crash into a nearby wall. 

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found Williams with a fatal wound to his back, his body partially hanging out of the vehicle.

Williams was quickly rushed to the Falmouth Hospital, where medical personnel, with great sorrow, pronounced him dead.

Tackling Crime in Trelawny:

This shocking incident adds to the concerning rise of violent crimes in Trelawny. With the police recording a total of 10 murders up to July 1, compared to 25 during the same period last year, it is evident that decisive actions must be taken to address the issue of increasing criminal activity in the parish. The local community and authorities are urged to work together to ensure the safety and security of its residents.


The tragic murder of Kemar Williams has sent shockwaves through Trelawny, prompting the local police to initiate a thorough investigation. As the community mourns the loss of a talented chef, it also reflects on the rising crime rates in the region. The need for collaborative efforts to address this pressing issue cannot be emphasized enough. Let us stand together, united against violence, and strive for a safer and more secure Trelawny.


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