Home » An Exclusive Business Man Was Killed In The Constant Spring Area Last Night – Hush Hush!!!

An Exclusive Business Man Was Killed In The Constant Spring Area Last Night – Hush Hush!!!

An Exclusive Business Man Was Killed In The Constant Spring Area Last Night – Hush Hush!!!

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I just got information from a usually very reliable source that a well-known business executive has been murdered in the Constant Spring area last night. Sources say that the business executive was murdered by a friend who appeared at his home. The murdered person has been involved in the Information Technology industry for a number of years I understand.

While posting this I got further information that the person who did the killing, is a member of the JCF. This officer I am told is on suspension prior to this matter.

I have seen a report which I cannot state whether it is an accurate and/or authentic document, about the death of business executive William Dewar. William Dewar who is about 50 years of age, was murdered on Monday June 7. Many persons are just hearing about this today, June 10, 2021.
The murder it is reported to have taken place at Block C at Oakland Apartments which is near to Constant Spring in Kingston.
Reports are that both the accused who is about 27 years old and the murdered man who is about 50 years old, were friends. The accused was invited to the home of Mr. Dewar. After what appears to be a very entertaining afternoon, things eventually turned sour due to a disagreement between the young man and the elderly business executive.
Community members have complained that the matter is being kept quiet because the incident took place uptown on Monday, June 7, and they are just now hearing about this ghastly act today, June 10.
Mr. Dewar was the Assistant General Manager, Sales Administration Partner Relations and Management Logistics at Management Control Systems. He also wrote a newspaper column.
A document which I saw states that blood samples were taken by the police from the scene, along with used and unused condoms. A card with the name Dane Barnes was also retrieved from the scene. The accused person is said to be a former member of the police force.
We hope to hear more about this act and the investigations from the police later today.

If you are aware of this matter and you have more information then email me at (talkupditingsdemlink@gmail.com).  It is my opinion that persons are being murdered and many of these murders go unnoticed and also unreported in the media.

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