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14-Year-Old Brutally Attacked by Women, Including Senior Citizen

14-Year-Old Brutally Attacked by Women, Including Senior Citizen

Shocking Assault – Police Hunt for Culprits in Clarendon

14-Year-Old Brutally Attacked by Women, Including Senior Citizen

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Uncover the horrifying details of a vicious assault on a 14-year-old girl in Clarendon as she is left in serious condition. Watch as the attackers, including a senior citizen, mercilessly beat her in a chilling video that has gone viral. Stay informed as the police apprehend two suspects and launch a manhunt for others involved. This shocking incident exposes a community standing by, recording the brutal attack. Dive into the unsettling narrative now.

In Clarendon over the weekend, a 14-year-old girl was viciously assaulted and left in serious condition after a group of women, including a senior citizen, attacked her. The disturbing incident, captured in a viral video, reveals the attackers cornering and beating the teenager until she fell unconscious.

The police have taken two women into custody, but the search intensifies for other culprits involved in this shocking assault. Reports suggest that several of the attackers were adults, with one alleged to be a senior citizen in her 60s. The brutality extends to a video showing the attackers kicking the bleeding girl while she lay defenceless on the ground.

What makes this incident even more alarming is the passive onlookers from the community who witnessed the attack, choosing to record it on their phones rather than intervene. Days later, two of the women were apprehended, shedding light on a disturbing act of violence that demands justice.

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