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Gunman shot and killed by license firearm holder in Nashville,Mandeville last evening


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Breaking news gunman shot and killed during robbery attempt.

Reports are that an unidentified man entered a bar last evening located Manchester, and apparently ordered a juice, but before the order could complete he then told the bartender to “push out di money now” upon saying those words a licensed firearm holder couldn’t help but over hear what he was say,

After hearing him the licensed firearm holder quickly got into action and drew his weapon then with no hesitations he fired hitting the robber several times

Witch resulted in his demise 

He is yet to be identified, but the police are doing investigations into the matter, we will have more updates for you a soon as we have it.

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Full updated report 

MANCHESTER, Jamaica — A licensed firearm holder fatally shot one of two gunmen who held up a bar at Nashville in Mandeville on Thursday night.

Police report that about 11:10 pm, the two gunmen entered the bar, and one of them ordered a drink. 

One of the gunmen then pulled a firearm, and attempted to rob the bartender. 

The licensed firearm holder intervened and challenged the gunmen.

Following the gunfight, one of the men was seen suffering from gunshot wounds. The police were alerted and he was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The identity of the deceased has not yet been ascertained. His accomplice managed to escape.

Police said a 9mm pistol with a magazine containing nine 9mm rounds of ammunition was seized.

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