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Four Gunmen Dead, Police Officer Injured in Early Morning

Four Gunmen Dead, Police Officer Injured in Early Morning

Bloody Showdown in Downtown Kingston: Four Gunmen Dead, Police Officer Injured in Early Morning Shoot-out


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Read about the intense early morning exchange of gunfire in Downtown Kingston resulting in the death of four gunmen and injury to a police constable. Stay informed on the escalating violence gripping the city streets.

In the heart of Downtown Kingston, chaos erupted in the early hours of Wednesday morning as police
officers engaged in a deadly shootout with armed assailants.

The confrontation, near the Kingston Public Hospital at the intersection of Charles Street and King Street, left four gunmen dead and a police constable wounded.

The incident unfolded around 1:00 am when law enforcement responded to reports of gunfire echoing
through Orange Street. Upon arrival, they were met with a barrage of bullets from a white Toyota
motor vehicle. In the ensuing exchange, a constable from the Kingston Central Division sustained
a gunshot wound to the hand.

Undeterred, the gunmen attempted to flee, only to be pursued by a team from the St. Andrew Central
Division. The pursuit led to a continued gun battle, resulting in the fatal shooting of three assailants
and the confiscation of five illegal firearms. Additionally, a fourth man, found wounded at the scene,
succumbed to his injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

As authorities launch a manhunt for two suspects who managed to escape, the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has been alerted to oversee the case. The incident marks the fiftieth fatal
encounter with law enforcement since the beginning of the year, reflecting an alarming 18% increase
in police shootings compared to the same period last year.


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