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Former Councillor Pulls Gun in St. Thomas Showdown

Former Councillor Pulls Gun in St. Thomas Showdown

Shocking Altercation Caught on Camera


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Witness a gripping altercation in St. Thomas as a former councillor pulls a gun in a shocking showdown! Discover the viral video now.

Witness a chilling altercation that has shaken the streets of St. Thomas! A startling video capturing a tense confrontation has gone viral, leaving authorities scrambling to investigate. In the footage, a man, identified as a former councillor, brandishes a firearm during a heated tussle with another individual in Morant Bay.

The incident, unfolding on a seemingly ordinary Monday, has sent shockwaves through the community. Eyewitnesses recount the dramatic escalation as tensions flared in broad daylight.

Allegations swirl around the identity of the firearm-wielding figure, rumoured to be a prominent ex-councillor. This revelation adds a disturbing layer to an already volatile situation.

The video, now circulating widely online, paints a vivid picture of the confrontation. It begins innocuously, with the former councillor seated in a van before a confrontation erupts with another man. Fists fly as the altercation intensifies, ultimately culminating in the shocking moment when the man in the green shirt reaches for his weapon.

Despite attempts to intervene, chaos reigns as the situation spirals out of control. The abrupt end of the footage leaves viewers on edge, craving answers to the unresolved conflict.


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