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JLP Accused of Sabotaging PNP Meeting Sparks Political Firestorm

JLP Accused of Sabotaging PNP Meeting Sparks Political Firestorm

Shocking Revelation


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Discover the explosive controversy as JLP faces accusations of disrupting PNP meetings in St. Thomas, stirring political turmoil.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has been accused of orchestrating a
disruptive scheme against a People’s National Party (PNP) gathering in St. Thomas, igniting a
fierce political confrontation. The JLP swiftly rebuffed the allegations, denouncing any
involvement in what it terms as an attack on democracy.

Former Councillor Pulls Gun in St. Thomas Showdown

JLP’s Public Relations Chairman, Robert Morgan, vehemently condemned the purported actions,
emphasizing the party’s unwavering commitment to democratic principles and the sanctity of
electoral processes. “Violence, intimidation, or any disruption of democratic activities
will not be tolerated,” Morgan asserted.

The controversy erupted when Peter Bunting, PNP’s Shadow Minister of Citizen Security, accused a JLP councillor-candidate and supporters of instigating chaos at a PNP worker’s meeting. However, Morgan refuted these claims, asserting that the JLP stands against any attempts to disrupt political gatherings.

Amidst allegations surrounding a confrontation involving JLP councillor-candidate Dean Jones, Morgan expressed regret over the incident, attributing it to an attack on Jones by purported PNP supporters. Video evidence, Morgan contended, does not support Bunting’s accusations.

Calling for an impartial investigation by the authorities, the JLP emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and fostering a peaceful electoral environment. Prime Minister Andrew Holness led the party’s stance on promoting civility and respect in political discourse.

PNP Lambasts JLP Candidate Dean Jones for Gun Incident

As the political tension escalated, the party urged collaboration among all parties to ensure fair and transparent elections. Morgan emphasized the need for peaceful engagement and urged the PNP to join hands in fostering a democratic electoral process beneficial for all Jamaican citizens.

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