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Holness Warns of Staged Frictions in Local Election

Holness Warns of Staged Frictions in Local Election

Unveiling Political Drama


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Prime Minister Holness uncovers potential political theatrics in Jamaica’s upcoming Local
Government Election, urging candidates to avoid staged confrontations for a smoother
electoral process.

In the lead-up to Jamaica’s crucial Local Government Election, Prime Minister Andrew Holness
sheds light on what he suspects to be staged political maneuvers with significant implications
for national governance. As the country gears up for the polls slated for February 26, tensions
escalate, evident from recent events surrounding the campaign trail.

JLP Accused of Sabotaging PNP Meeting Sparks Political Firestorm

During the inauguration of the Harbour View to Yallah leg of the Southern Coastal Highway
Improvement Project (SCHIP) in St Thomas, Holness cautiously hints at potential political
mischief at play. Specifically, he addresses the emergence of videos depicting a Jamaica
Labour Party (JLP) councillor-candidate brandishing a gun amidst a physical altercation
with individuals purportedly affiliated with the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP).

Characterizing the video as “carefully edited,” Holness raises concerns about orchestrated confrontations reminiscent of historical political tactics. He advises JLP candidates to steer clear of such maneuvers, emphasizing the shift away from physical politicking in modern Jamaican politics.

However, the prime minister’s warnings extend beyond his party, cautioning all candidates against reverting to outdated confrontational methods. In a society that has outgrown such practices, there is a collective reluctance to regress into a bygone era of political turbulence.

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