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Unfair Traffic Ticket ? Minister Vaz Wants to Hear From You!

Unfair Traffic Tickets? Minister Vaz Wants to Hear From You!

Got an Unfair Traffic Ticket? Share Your Story with Minister Vaz!


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Minister Daryl Vaz urges motorists to share their unfair traffic ticket experiences as the Road
Traffic Act review approaches. Your feedback can shape future road safety laws.

Do you have concerns about unfair traffic tickets? Science, Energy, Telecommunications, and
Transport Minister Daryl Vaz is calling on motorists to share their major issues with the
enforcement of the Road Traffic Act (RTA). Your feedback is crucial as the Government prepares
to review the legislation by the end of June.

“I appeal to all motorists who have posted about unjust traffic tickets on social media.
Reach out to the ministry or me directly. Share your experiences and recommendations, and we
will consider them to resolve these issues,” said Vaz.

Speaking during the 2024/25 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Vaz
acknowledged that several concerns regarding anomalies in the Act are part of the ongoing review.


“Just yesterday [June 3, 2024], the Cabinet approved revisions to the child restraint provisions, which
will soon be presented to Parliament. The Island Traffic Authority, police, and Transport Authority are
being equipped to enforce the Act effectively,” he added.

Vaz emphasized the importance of adhering to road laws, stating there would be no dilution
of the legislation. “Every effort will be made to bring the remaining provisions of the Act
into force,” he asserted.

Promulgated in 2018 and with regulations enforced since February 2023, the RTA aims to improve
road safety across the country.

Turning to the Transport Authority, Vaz highlighted its recruitment of 50 additional inspectors
and collaboration with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) under the ‘Operation Streamline’ program
to enforce transportation laws rigorously.

“In the past four weeks, this program has resulted in the seizure of over 200 vehicles and
over 1,500 prosecutions for offences, including failure to renew road licenses that expired
on March 31,” Vaz reported.

Vaz reaffirmed the commitment to ensuring public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators comply with the laws, particularly those outlined in the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022. “We are dedicated to fostering a culture of lawfulness. PPV operators, who transport our most valuable assets – our people, must act responsibly. Lawlessness will not continue,” he said.

Referring to a tragic accident on Washington Boulevard involving a PPV Coaster bus and a truck, which resulted in one fatality and several injuries, Vaz emphasized the importance of strict road law enforcement. “This incident underscores that we will not tolerate road lawlessness,” he concluded.


Motorists, your input can help shape safer and fairer road traffic laws. Share your experiences with Minister Vaz today and be part of the change!


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