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Starting tomorrow, police will detain drivers with unpaid traffic tickets.

Starting tomorrow, police will detain drivers with unpaid traffic tickets.

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Drivers who have unpaid traffic fines as of Tuesday, January 31, maybe arrested starting tomorrow.

According to Gary McKenzie, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Head of P-STEB (Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch), this is the case.

At midnight, the government’s respite expires.

The New Road Traffic (Reprieve and Nullification of Prescribed Notices Act, 2023) is the law controlling the reprieve.

If fines are paid prior to the new Road Traffic Regulations taking effect on Wednesday, February 1, the reprieve enables offenders to have their demerits erased.

Despite the Opposition in both Houses pressuring the administration to prolong the grace period until April, the respite measure was approved by Parliament last week.

When drivers can provide confirmation that they have been listed for court, according to ACP McKenzie, the Police will exercise discretion.

However, he claims that anyone who cannot produce a stamped copy of their tickets or a confirmation email from the Courts would be detained.

People have plenty of time, according to the P-STEB Head, to clear their tickets.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning is Assistant Commissioner of Police Gary McKenzie, the head of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch.

Robert Morgan, the information minister, said those who have a court date scheduled for after January 31 may not be eligible for the reprieve.

Robert Morgan might not be granted a pardon on January 31, 2023.

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Title: Robert Morgan might not be granted a pardon Out-cue: [Jan. 31, 2023

According to Minister Morgan, the government has made sufficient efforts to assist drivers in promptly paying their outstanding citations.

When there are violations, he claims that it is the duty of the individual to satisfy their commitments.

According to Morgan, any traffic citations issued before February 2018 are invalid.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning was Information Minister Robert Morgan.

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