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Condolences are being sent to dancehall musician Aidonia and his wife following the death of their 9-year-old kid.

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King Khalif Lawrence, a nine-year-old boy, was the son of dancehall artist Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan. They are in deep sadness.

The heartbreaking news of the child’s passing late on Saturday night rocked the dancehall community, and by extension, social media, as many sent their sympathies to the parents.

Although Aidonia and his wife have not made any public statements on the death of their son, it is known that he had been unwell for some time.

Beenie Man, the King of the Dancehall, is among many who have sent his sympathies to the newlyweds.

The dancehall king posted a photo of Aidonia and his son and wrote: “Thank you for your kind words, @aidonia4thgenna, @kimberly Megan, and @lalojop. I am sending prayers and power.”

Shaggy, a seasoned performer, finds the death of a kid to be “unimaginable.”

“I’m sorry for the loss of Khalif, the only kid @aidonia4thgenna and his wife Kimberly experienced earlier today. I’m very sorry for their loss. The death of a child is unfathomable. Sharing a picture of Aidonia and Khalif, he commented, “Sending prayers.

Skatta Burrell, a music producer, stated on his Instagram page: “How can you cope with achieving all you toiled for and losing the most significant individual made in your image all at once?

“Your loss, Sheldon (Aidonia), is also our grief. You’re forever family, and I can’t even begin to imagine the agony you must be feeling “And Burrell.

Bounty Killer, who posted a message of shock on his Instagram page on Saturday, was as horrified as everyone else by the death of child Khalif.

“Mi likely bredda, only Jah knows how. Life is so unfair because this is so agonizing. Youth, you can’t doubt God, but is this possible? My sincere sympathies and best wishes go out to you and your entire family on both sides “”Dancehall veteran,” he added.

Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton, a well-known media figure and lawyer, wrote: “I’m sending Kim and Aidonia my sincere love, prayers, and support. My chest aches. It’s awful to lose this. Young King, #RIP”

Shanproducerducer, the songwriter, and the dancehall performer said: “Kmt knows Jah. We apologize for the loss of @aidonia4thgenna’s fame. My sympathies are extended to the family and friends. #sadnews. Young Genna, SIP. Vex…”

Following the breaking news of Khalif’s passing on Saturday, Shenseea posted her condolences on Twitter.

She wrote, “My heart is bleeding for u Aidoni,,  and Kim, ugh.”

Born Sheldon Lawrence in Kingston, Aidonia made his dancehall debut in 2004 as a part of the Bounty Killer’s Alliance troupe of performers.

Since then, he has produced several successful singles, including “Pretty Please,” “Yeah Yeah,” “Nuh Boring Gyal,” and “Tip Pon Yuh Toe.”


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