Mia Mottle Speaks Out About The Gun Lyrics

Mia Mottle Speaks Out About The Gun Lyrics

We need all Caribbean leaders to speak like Mia Mottley about some of the music being produced in the Caribbean. Some of our singers are ex-convicts and some are on their way to becoming convicts. We as a people must turn our backs on them. They continue to spew out their evil, venomous, and poisonous music on the youth and people of this country. They have become the worst obeah men of this country who have helped to create an evil society.

We have turned some of our rapists and murderers into superstars. Return convicts have had the red carpet laid

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out for them. We should not wonder why we are in the state that we are in now.
Let’s turn our backs on these artists who use their voices and music as weapons of mass destruction. I would love to hear from our Prime Minister about this matter. Mia Mottley has already spoken and her government will act shortly to remove the Queen in Barbados as head of state. When are we going to do the same thing?  
Once Jamaicans were leaders in the Caribbean, now we have become the ‘falla backa dem’ of the Caribbean.
                              This is the Trojan Riddim!

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