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Over the weekend accidents – very tragic

Over the weekend accidents – very tragic

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The number of people killed as a result of motor vehicle crashes in 2022 is 488, a new record.

This has surpassed by one, the previous record of 487 people who died on the nation’s road network in 2021. The figure was released despite the best efforts of the Road Safety Unit (RSU), which provided the update on Tuesday in its preliminary Annual Traffic Crash Report.

The RSU said the 488 fatalities in 2022 resulted from 425 fatal accidents. Of note is that there were 425 fatal crashes last year compared to 439 in 2021.

Of the three main causes of traffic crashes, 148 people died as a result of proceeding at excessive speed without regard to road conditions; 80 died because of failure to keep to the near side of the road or the proper traffic lane; while 40 were pedestrians who were killed while walking or standing in the road.

It was another tough year for motorcyclists who again topped the list of road users killed, with 142 fatalities.

A closer look at the numbers shows that pedestrians accounted for 109 fatalities in 2022; private motor car drivers accounted for 85 fatalities; private motor car passengers accounted for 67 fatalities; and public passenger vehicle passengers accounted for 22 fatalities. Seventeen pedal cyclists were also killed; so, too, 12 public passenger vehicle drivers.

A breakdown of fatalities by parish in 2022 shows that St Catherine and St Andrew were the two most dangerous with 75 and 71 deaths, respectively, while the eastern parishes of St Thomas and Portland were the safest with six fatalities each.

A closer look at deaths per parish shows the following:

St James – 50
St Ann – 46
Clarendon – 37
Hanover – 31
Trelawny – 30
St Elizabeth – 29
Manchester – 23
Kingston – 22
St Mary – 13
The RSU said fatal crashes decreased by three per cent while fatalities increased by 0.2 per cent in 2022, when compared with the similar period in 2021.

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