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Man Killed On Darling Street In Kingston

Man Killed On Darling Street In Kingston

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The murders continue in Jamaica unabated and we seem to have put the challenge of crime on the back burner since Covid-19 has arrived on our shores. Another man has been murdered on Darling Street in Downtown Kingston just before noon today. The man is known to repair phones in the area.  Motorists could not traverse the area today and had to drive on Spanish Town Road. The area should be clear now. A detachment of police officers went on the scene shortly after the shooting. Thanks to those persons who covered up the body which was on the street.
Once again, I am calling for a Reserve Police Force to be set up to deal with crime and for us to have some posted as community police in crime-ridden areas. The high crime rate has continued for far too long and Jamaicans must now call for strong actions to be taken to deal with it. We should ensure that trials are not drawn out for a long period. We must also carry out the death penalty for those who commit murders especially in the cases of premeditated murders and murders committed during a crime.

I just heard from Vernon McLeod, the councilor for the Havendale Division about the shooting which took place in his division last Saturday.  

This shooting took place in Ackee Walk off Molynes Road. Jerome Powell was killed and Winston Finley was injured. 
The area is now very tense and persons are scared to just venture out of their homes. 

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