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OCA opens investigation after teacher in video threatens to murder a kid | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

OCA opens investigation after teacher in video threatens to murder a kid.

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Jamaica’s ST ELIZABETH – According to Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison, her agency will look into a situation in which a teacher at Newell High School in St. Elizabeth was captured on camera threatening to kill a kid.

Another student covertly filmed the video, which has now gone popular on social media, as the instructor admitted to having killed people in the past to a boy in his class.

Gordon Harrison claims that her office has noted the video and will be looking for explanations.

“It is the height of improper behavior for a teacher, someone in a position of responsibility, to threaten to kill a kid in the classroom, or anyplace for that matter,” she told OBSERVER ONLINE.
The appropriateness of this instructor to even be in a classroom with pupils is called into doubt since, according to him, he has already committed murder. You know, that actually suggests that more is needed just based on their social exposure to someone who is so ready to disclose that knowledge and the anger we witnessed in the video. Gordon Harrison furthermore
The Children’s Advocate stated, “Of course, due process is vital and it is critical to get the full story behind anything that is depicted, but definitely my initial opinion, having watched the film, is that there was a lot of inappropriateness demonstrated in that video.

She also urged people to keep in mind that because to technology, things that were once hidden may now be seen by everyone.

As a children’s advocate, she said, “What has become very apparent to me is that some people in our society haven’t realized that many of the things we would normally be able to do and get away with are being recorded without our knowledge and really are surfacing in a way that’s put us in a compromising position, even on a first viewing.”


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