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Ex-Jamaican Police Officers keeps Party In USA On Friday !!

 Ex-Jamaican Police Officers keeps Party In the USA On Friday !!

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It was a Friday night to remember at the Jamaica Ex-Police Officers Club Sports Bar in the Bronx, USA. The video(see link below) was taken of this Jamaican party in the USA where the spirits were high. They probably got some of the bottled spirit from Jamaica to help build that great Jamaican spirit in the USA. These ex-police officers were having a whale of a time. 

The excitement reached crescendo levels when the disc jockey started playing ‘My Leader Born Yah’. They were all over the dance floor some with their fists in the air (representing power) while others were pointing with their fingers showing the V (for victory) sign. Those Jamaicans who are living overseas realize the importance of uniting as Jamaicans so they were not fighting over political parties. It would be great if some of us could learn to do that too in Jamaica. I understand that the various Prime Ministers in the past have visited this clubhouse. 

An Associate member told me that this is the most vibrant ex-police association in the USA. They work very closely with the 47th Precinct to control the crime in the Bronx area. Normally we hear about Jamaicans getting into trouble in the USA but these Jamaicans are helping to keep crime down.

I was informed that the club has a lot of social programs. Just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Jamaica, the Deputy Chief of Police for New York, Ruel Stevens who is from Clarendon, was back home with some of the members assisting with back to school activities in Clarendon. The president of the Ex-Police Officer Club which organized the party is President Oswald Robinson

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