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Man cut girlfriend throat in Kellits Clarendon

Man cut girlfriend throat in Kellits Clarendon

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On June 20, 2021, on Fathers Day, a young 20 year old man almost severed the head of his girl friend Tashika McKay who was found with her throat slashed. and the room covered with blood. From reports, she was eight months pregnant. This happened in Kellits Clarendon, in Jamaica.

This nation is now tired of these domestic murders and many Jamaicans no longer watch the news on television. Something is happening between couples and I think that we need to have a study done to ascertain what is happening. People are extremely aggressive to one another. 

Persons are getting fed up with the crime and they are not comfortable with how the system is dealing with the high incidence of crime. Persons are therefore taking things into their own hands. This young man who killed his girlfriend was initially very unfortunate that the police saved him from the crowd.

The good thing is that he committed suicide while in the police lock-up. What purpose would he serve to himself and to the nation after committing such a gruesome act. Some might say he has done a great service to the nation and that he should get a posthumous award for ending his life. Think of the cost of court proceedings, the cost of maintaining him in prison. Think of how long the trial would go on for and then if he was convicted, he could appeal the judgement. The case would then be taken to the Privy Council in London. Thanks my brother, you did a gruesome act but in the end you saved the victims family, your family and the country a lot by taking your own life.

This evil man would definitely escape the state’s death penalty. Although the police saved him from the death penalty at the hands of the crowd, his conscience took things in hand and he handed himself his own death penalty. May his soul RIH. 

Yes RIH. I  hope my readers can figure what RIH stands for.

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