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Man on the run avoids a 15-year jail term.

Man on the run avoids a 15-year jail term.

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The first sentence imposed under the new Firearms Act, which mandates a minimum penalty of 15 years for a variety of infractions of the law, was just four years and three months.
Dennis Mundell, also known as “Gin Sing,” 28, of Spanish Town Road, Kingston 13, who had been detained on suspicion of murder but had also been charged with possessing a firearm, received the 51-month term on Friday in the Gun Court. Justice Calys Wiltshire was in charge of the sentence.
On December 16 of last year, Mundell entered a guilty plea to illegally possessing a gun and ammunition. On each accusation, he received a sentence of four years and six months, although three months were taken away for prior incarceration.
When Mundell was apprehended by police on December 2 during an operation at a location in St. Catherine, he had been on the run for nearly two years for alleged murder. During the operation, a prohibited firearm and ammo were taken.

Along with Mundell, a lady who was there on the scene, Celine Clarke, was taken into custody and charged with illegally possessing a gun and ammunition. But no evidence was provided by the prosecution to support Clarke’s guilt.

The court took a number of circumstances into account while sentencing Mundell, despite the fact that the government has frequently emphasized that anybody caught in violation of the new Firearms Act will get a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in jail.

One of the contributing causes was that Mundell had no prior convictions, admitted guilt on the first reasonable opportunity, and spared the court’s time by doing so. Wiltshire also mentioned that Mundell had helped the police and seemed sorry for his actions.

After taking into account the mitigating and aggravating circumstances, Justice Wiltshire reduced the sentence by one year, starting at ten years. After Mundell received the maximum 50% reduction, the sentence was further lowered to four years and six months.

Mundell will still have to appear in court on a murder charge despite what under the new statute looks to be a mild penalty for him.

On Christmas Day 2020, he is said to have murdered Romaine Atkinson, age 21, of Tewari Crescent, Kingston 13.

According to reports, Atkinson was helping a neighbor make supper at Tewari Crescent at about 2:20 pm on the day in question when Mundell and another guy arrived and opened fire, striking Atkinson many times in the head and upper body.

Mundell escaped the situation and remained at large until he was apprehended in December.

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