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Amnesty Comes With The New Traffic Ticketing System Says TODSS

 Amnesty Comes With The New Traffic Ticketing System Says TODSS

Mr. Edgeton Newman 
and Minister Robert Montague
(Loop News Picture)

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 The following information was sent to me by   Mr. Edgeton Newman:

Despite government utterances that they will not be granted another amnesty for outstanding road traffic tickets, the  Transport Operators Development  Sustainable Services TODSS will continue to urge to grant a complete waiver of all traffic tickets before implementing the New Road Traffic Act. 
Over the past four years the government, the courts, the Tax offices, and the traffic department have agreed that several of these tickets are either wrongfully executed or executed honored, and returned as unpaid. If this is so, the government should do the honorable thing, swipe the old records, and start fresh. 

I always wonder how come a person is allowed to have 20 outstanding tickets and still have a driver’s license, continue to do business with government agencies, or even travel. 

I want to believe that the government’s continued inefficiencies through its agencies are worse than a million outstanding tickets; hence, they should do the honorable thing and don’t put new wine in the old bottle. 

The sector is observing the brand new footprints of Minister Montague in the public transport sector and while some may think otherwise he has my full support in the transformation of the Public Transport sector and more so when he grant that waiver or amnesty and à livable fare adjustment. 

In the meantime we as business people must stop calling ourselves poor or little people, It is time we pull up ourselves, unite and demand from ourselves and the state the building blocks for a sustainable transformed public transport sector.
Note: This is a solid suggestion to start the new traffic ticketing system with new data. There have been too many questions about tickets issued in the past.
This incredible performance gives you an idea of what the transportation sector has gone through over the years.

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