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This is a Letter About Oppressive Action of Police to Minister Robert Montague

 This is a Letter About Oppressive Action of Police to Minister Robert Montague 

The following is a letter from a motor vehicle owner  to the Honourable Robert Montague:

Heartiest congratulations on the splendid work that you have been doing so far as a minister and the improvements that you are trying to achieve on behalf of the motoring public.
However, I must use this opportunity to highlight a recent incident which has left a bad taste in the mouth and has cast doubts on the efficacy of the rules and laws governing the Road Traffic Regulations, as well as the unprofessional manner in which some of our police officers discharge their functions as traffic enforcers.

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Recently, on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, a family member drove a car belonging to me in which the front license plate was not affixed to the bumper but was instead prominently displayed on the windscreen via the dashboard. He was stopped by the police and the vehicle in question was seized by the authorities
My contention over the matter is not the charges laid and the seizure of the vehicle, but the lack of discretion shown on the part of the officers, and the manner in which the action was undertaken. The vehicle in question was among other things:
Properly and legally licensed and insured.
Roadworthy as deemed by the Certificate of Fitness issued.
Was not engaged in any illegal or nefarious activities such as speeding, overtaking endangering the lives of other road users, transporting contraband, or any other such dangerous acts.
Nevertheless, the officers on duty proceeded to have the unit towed away by the wrecker thus resulting in my incurring the princely sum of JAD27,000. (Proof of evidence shown here in these attached receipts).
As you can imagine, I am really feeling outraged at this action of the police, which seems more of an attempt to blatantly exploit from a monetary level the poor hardworking, financially strapped members of the motoring public. Such a minor infraction on the part of a motorist should under no circumstance attract such a hefty fine except probably that of the registration plate not affixed to the front bumper (Which by law is still allowed to be displayed in a clear position to be seen by all other members of the traveling public) and should therefore be the discretionary purview of law enforcement officers.
My reason for highlighting this recent situation is that far too long members of the public have been subjected to the strange ludicrous attitude and unreasonable behavior of those mandated to discharge the law in a fair enough manner – especially dependent most times at the whim and fancy of whomsoever you happen to come into contact.
Mr. Minister, I would deeply appreciate that you use your good office to address this untenable situation as it creates deep animosity and division between the motoring public and law enforcement personnel, and certainly call into question issues of good governance, equity, care, and compassion for those whom you serve. Please be guided accordingly, and best regards as you discharge your duties to the nation – Jamaica Land We Love.
Preston Gilmore Tabois, JP
Note: There is the need for the government to review the practice of motor vehicles being towed away to a garage and owners being required to pay hefty fines. Some persons have told me that there is a close connection with members of the JCF and some of these garage operators. It is the most oppressive and cruel practice to seize a person’s car. I would not be surprised if they come up with a system to take away your other properties because you have broken a simple law. This type of system creates animosity and alienation from the system.
Minister Chang is now the Minister of National Security and the letter should be sent to him instead of Minister Montague.
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