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More Deaths And More Restrictions (If You Do Not Comply)

 More Deaths And More Restrictions (If You Do Not Comply) – Expect More Covid-19 Cases, 

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We now have new measures for Covid-19 curfew hours which were announced by the Prime Minister of Jamaica on Monday night. 

The Covid-19 figures have started to increase and these new measures have become necessary. Many continue to ignore the protocols.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica said there were 105 new cases on Sunday, we now have 52,089 cumulative cases and 1178 persons have died from covid-19 so far. In June the PM said we have recorded 1572 new cases and in July we recorded 1818 new cases to date. 
For June, we have 52 new cases per day, which has been maintained for July 1 -13. Since July 14  the figure has been doubled and has reached 103 cases per day. 
We are now averaging 135 cases per day.
Minister of Health & Wellness, Christopher Tufton, endorsed the PM’s PM points and gave additional information. 
His main point was to let us know that the capacity of the health facilities is limited and this has to be born in mind.
Due to this increase in figures, it has become necessary that new measures have to be introduced.
During the week the curfew hours are from 2000 hours EST to 0500 EST.  
The curfew starts at 1500 EST for Sundays and public holidays and ends at 0500 EST the following morning.
From Mondays to Saturday’s beaches will open at 0600 EST and closes at 1400 EST. 
For public holidays and Sundays, they will be open from 0600 EST and closes at 1400 EST.

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