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After seeing a guy slain on his birthday, an elderly grandmother collapsed and passed away.

After seeing a guy slain on his birthday, an elderly grandmother collapsed and passed away.

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On Mystic Way in Waterford, St. Catherine, a man was shot and died while celebrating his birthday at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

According to reports, an elderly woman who saw the gunshot fell and was declared dead at the hospital.

The victim, Jason Ivy, of a Waterford address, was apparently celebrating his birthday with pals while playing dominoes and drinking when he was ambushed by gunmen.

He was shot numerous times, and when he arrived at the Spanish Town Hospital, doctors declared him dead.

A second individual was shot in the arm and received medical attention.

The old woman, who has not been named, reportedly fainted after the blasts, looking as though she had been startled.

Fenley Douglas, a councilor for the Waterford division, claimed that from October of last year, the region has experienced a comparatively calm period.

“I am unable to declare that the peace has been shattered. With a variety of community initiatives and tight collaboration with the police, we have been able to keep the neighborhood relatively tranquil, according to Douglas, who spoke to TALKUPDITINGSDEM NEWS.
In order to help the police investigate the murder, he is pleading for locals who may have knowledge of the shooting to come forward.


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