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World Renowned Medical Scientists Says – Needs Non-Political Leadership

World-Renowned Medical Scientists Says – Needs Non-Political Leadership for Covid-19 Vaccination Drives

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Jamaicans are very concerned that our leaders seem to be unable to motivate the majority of the people to take the Covid-19 vaccines. I just received another communication from someone in Africa and another one from a Jamaican medical scientist.
The Jamaican medical scientist expressed concern about the overwhelming negativity towards this pandemic and consequent poor vaccine uptake. He went further to say that as one public commentator  said, “…the antivaxxers are winning in their media campaign against vaccinations” has failed to move the compass towards a positive understanding and approach to the situation.  His point is, this is no surprise as the political leaders do not represent a neutral, evidence-based, data-driven decision process.  This medical scientist said further, that the people see the political leaders as grandstanders on a soapbox, pronouncing promises which they hardly can or ever fulfil. He goes on to ask why do we now expect that the ‘un-discerning’ public will accept the political leaders as bearers of scientific truth

His conclusion is that the approach is doomed. He says that he is again calling for the politicians to step aside and allow the experts who are trained in medical sciences and public health delivery, to take over and drive the effort to a greater understanding and embracing of the proven methods to prevent, contain and diminish this scourge.

I would add as a blogger, that we need someone with strong management skills and one who has experience in logistics such as a senior JDF person to lead this process. That person should work with the medical profession and scientists. This person would need to have strong supporting staff to deal with areas such as information technology, communication and public relations along with persons who understand the culture of the Jamaican people. 

Finally, I must say that if we cannot get the people to follow the covid-19 protocols then forcing the people to take the vaccine is an effort doomed to fail. Organizations targeting the workforce are targeting persons who more than likely are already playing their part in following the protocols. If we do the research, we might find out that most persons in the formal sector have taken the vaccine. 

Business leaders need to first ensure that their employees follow the protocols rather than trying to enforce a vaccination policy as if they are the de facto government. In the meantime I will say to my supporters, please take the vaccine. It is better to take the chance with the vaccine than to take a chance with Covid-19! You might not live to tell the tale if you take the chance with Covid-19!!!

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