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Experts Are Saying Another Pandemic Is Coming Soon

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our leading scientists and virologists are telling us that the way we live as a human community will mean that the next pandemic will not happen in 20 years.

but in 10 years time, just think about what’s been said to you all of the death all of the misery and the suffering, the number of people that have become ill and been lost, and the number of crises and turmoil that it has created.

imagine that this goes around again and in 10 years this occurs to you do you know why scientists are telling us this is going to happen to us again within 10-year spans because of the way in which the human Community is living particularly the industrialization of our farming the chickens and the beef and the cows the pigs that are all squelched together.

in which it is easy for a disease to jump from one to another and eventually to a human being well the way in which we are ravaging this planet every time we destroy a forest and a new species has to move closer and closer and closer to the human Community. 

last time it was a bat which Community is it going to be tomorrow which animal is it going to be tomorrow that is going to have a disease jump a virus jump to the human being that we have not got the capacity to be able to stop.

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