China controls the algorithm for TikTok – Read Till The End

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If you and I consume exactly the same as what everybody else is consuming

fundamentally there is no difference between us and Them

if you’re going to watch Tick Tock and see all the stupid dances 

if you’re going to open up Instagram and see all the dancing girls 

and if you’re going to see all the nonsense on there

then you’re no different from anyone else

outside because that’s the rest of the world that’s what they’re doing

shall I tell you how played you are

you understand my word played huh when I say this 

deceived should I tell you 

do you know which country created it

do you know which country made tick-tock ( China )

do you know that China controls the algorithm of what you see

do you know this

if you’re in America and you open up Tick-Tock if you’re in Britain and you open up Tick-Tock there is a specific algorithm to reach you that is not in China.

did you know this

how many of you actually know this genuinely it’s a very few of you it’s less than 10 percent of you

should I tell you what the difference is in the algorithm?

if you’re in China and you open up Tick-Tock what the Chinese government wants you to receive as a youth as people using tick tock are people who are doing good things achievements youth making social Enterprise youth becoming successful in math competitions youth becoming masters of karate youth doing something with their life and you are rewarded.


that algorithm is that the Chinese government makes you see positive things for Social.

Development did you know here and in the United States they China send you a different algorithm do you know what they send you all the nonsense that you see they want you to see.

girls dancing boys and girls dancing with each other pranks upon your parent’s pranks upon people how many pranks do you see yeah I’m not saying it’s not funny some of the middles is hilarious but if you want to destroy a nation destroy your generation you make them in their mind be rewarded with the dopamine for thinking stupid things are good thinking that this is what you’re supposed to grow up doing.


a large proportion of people grow up thinking that this is what life is about but in China, they don’t let their children think that.

next time you open up Tick Tock or Instagram or whatever and you see this understand that you are being played.

understand it if you go to Dubai then you’re flicking through all you’ll see is cars the deserts these rich Arabs spending all their money going out to nice restaurants.


why that’s what they want you to do waste your life just eating food filling your belly and spending money on them.


are you that Daft that you can’t see it are you that silly that you can’t see that when you go to Dubai why all of a sudden do you get these particular algorithms coming to you.

yesterday the people who actually have insight when Mahdi comes they will reject him think about it very carefully about what we do and where we go with these things.

now the last thing I want to tell you is about metaverse

metaverse is this it is going to be a comprehensive sense indulgent.

every one of your senses is going to be taken over by some sort of device and you’ll be immersed into a new world you’ll be immersed through goggles through things on the tips of your fingers things in your ears things on your feet and other places and you will curate for yourself your own fantasy world of whatever you want for however long you want.

if you give a person that what do you think they’re going to do with it.

and the same way that social media has been monetized and created to make you addicted to it.

they will also find ways of doing this for you and they’ve already started to explain it if you want to go see on the Muslim Vibe TMV I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Muslim vibe there is a podcast that was done a couple of months ago I think with Haseeb Rizvi and someone who explains where metaverse in its first iteration is going and he explains he says, for example, you’ll have this VR device that you can put onto your entire body and he gives an example he says this example you can with purchasing you know you have Bitcoin or you have your cryptocurrency whatever you will purchase a yacht for yourself the most lavish 200-foot yacht with the best helicopter and all the parties you could ever want with all the champagne flowing and all the dancers that you want.

and then you will monetize it because you’ve spent 300 pounds making curating this perfect fantasy world you can sell part of its admittance to other people who don’t have 300 pounds,


I don’t have 300 pounds but I have two pounds fifty so I’ll spend two pounds fifty to get onto your fantasy world.

in your fantasy world and you’ll spend to get onto mine I’ll invest 300 pounds to create a fantasy world ten thousand pounds a million pounds to create a fantasy world and I’ll make money by charging you to come into my fantasy world and every fantasy that you could possibly want to create.

it’s there at the tip of your fingers

tell me with no restrictions what will people do with this fantasy world.

tell me if the prophet said in his Hadith that Allah the satellite dishes are going to separate families what do you think living in a virtual reality world for hours at a time is going to do to families husbands and wives.

what do you think is going to happen to tell me will a young boy who has access to the entirety of his fantasy at his fingers for ten pence.

will he ever want to come out of that fantasy world and go into the real world once he comes out to this fantasy world and goes into the real world doctor will he be depressed or not depressed.

be honest when you go into some sort of downfall because he can’t live every moment in his fantasy understand brothers and sisters where are we going with these things and if you and I don’t put in the mechanisms at home early on to help our own children and communities.

then we will be destroyed like everybody else will be destroyed with this wave of what’s coming

what are the things that we can do,

establish rules for the whole family to follow 

it cannot be that mum and dad follow one set of rules kids follow a set of different rules 

establish rules for the whole family.

number one and number two explain the reasons for these rules to the children so they understand them themselves.


they buy into these rules and show interest in what your children are observing and digesting online so that you can keep an eye on it and you are going in the same direction.

introduce frequent screen breaks only allow these things in communal areas so that it’s not being hidden from you so that your children don’t learn how to create deception in themselves.

have apps to be able to limit what can be seen and know exactly what they are playing on their phones and all other devices.

if you can try to implement these rules and think about what we have said there is no point in creating a community dedicated to God and then allowing the enemy to come in and take over their minds their bodies their emotions.

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