Two men fatally shot by police after gun attack in central village


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The man who was shot during a reported gunbattle with members of a joint police/military team in Central Village, St Catherine on Thursday has succumbed to his injuries.

Police report that the man was cut down after he and his crony had reportedly killed a man in the area and were trying to escape. A Glock pistol was recovered from the perpetrator, who remains unidentified, the police said.

A manhunt is now on for his associate who managed to escape the dragnet of law enforcement officers.

Police report that at about 11:00 am a joint police-military team went to the Browns Lane section of the community in search for criminals when they saw two men running. The men were approached and they opened fire on the police team.

Police said a gun battle ensued and one man was shot, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  The other ‘shooter’ managed to escape.

The news comes hours after another man was fatally shot during another stand-off with lawmen, this time in Dyke Road area, the police said.

Five firearms were reportedly seized in that raid.

At the same time members of the joint police/military team also went to Gregory Park where criminals have been locked in an ongoing gang feud. The gunmen have firebombed several houses.

A curfew has also been imposed in the Gregory Park area.

A source on the ground claims that more than six houses were destroyed by arsonists. Police have yet to confirm the number of houses damaged by fire.

Police have also listed the names of several individuals they deem to be persons of interest in relation to the recent flare-up of crime and violence in sections of the division.

They are; Richard Hemley, otherwise called ‘Devils’, Kirk Wint, otherwise called ‘Big Red’, Christopher Barrett, otherwise called ‘Chicken Back’,  Elijah Carless, otherwise called ‘Papalou’,  Ricardo Carson, otherwise called ‘Trooper’, Shane Williams, otherwise called ‘Tussain’, Imoro McKenzie, otherwise called ‘Munga’, Cedrick Barnett, Miguel Tracey, Sanjay Tracey,  A man known only as ‘Techa’, A man known only as ‘Nigel’,  A man known only as ‘Dog Shot’, A man known only as ‘Dappa’,

 A man known only as ‘Cedrick’, a man known only as ‘Bailey Boy’, A man known only as ‘Tae Tae’, and a man known only as ‘Steve’.

The persons are urged to turn themselves in to the Greater Portmore police station by 6:00 pm, on Thursday, August 04.

Additionally, anyone with information about the whereabouts of these individuals is being asked to contact the Greater Portmore police at 876-949-8403 or Crime Stop at 311.

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