Two attackers wearing masks just shot and killed two men on James Street in central Kingston ( Shocking video inside)

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Two men wearing masks just shot and killed two men on James Street in central Kingston

Hello everyone this is another talkupditingsdem news report.

today this is extremely personal because this incident happened in my community.

Ok so today at around 4pm I was in my house when I heard several gunshots,

so I quickly rushed upstairs to get a better view of what was going on.

But to my surprise, the shooting was happening up the road from my house.

as I went there to see what was going on I started to hear screams from several individuals.

upon reaching the location where the shots were firing, I saw two men laying face down in the gutter.

the public was shouting at that time that the men that did it were heading up the road on foot.

but the strangest part of this story is that a police patrol unit with two occupants was parked just meters from where the shooting incident took place, but the police themselves were clueless as to what was going on, too busy playing games on their phones and whatsapping their friends. 

even tho other patrol units were able to get to the scene fast enough to respond to the incident, efforts to save the two men were ineffective.

It is said that the men were sitting down relaxing and talking when suddenly out of nowhere two attackers emerged from a dwelling across the street from where the men were sitting, and started to open fire.

there were actually three men sitting at the location but one man managed to slip away saving his own life, while the other two were not so lucky.

I must say that this thing is really getting out of hand now as a member of the community.

I really think all this killing needs to stop, it’s getting nowhere, but seems to be hurting everyone.

The police seem to be well invested in this case because they have been here for over two hours now, trying to piece together what really happened.

there are talks that the police have a person of interest in mind but his identity will not be released as yet pending further investigations.

TalkUpDiTingsDem will update you as soon as we have more information for you.

If you would like to look at the horrific video click this link

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