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Tragic Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Critical

Tragic Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Critical

Tragic Shooting on Lady Musgrave Road Leaves One Dead, Another Critical


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Motorcyclist fatally shot on Lady Musgrave Road, St Andrew. Another man was critically injured in the attack. Eyewitnesses detail the horrific incident.

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a violent shooting on Lady Musgrave Road has left the community in shock. One individual has tragically lost their life, and another is fighting for survival in critical condition. The incident has sparked widespread concern and calls for increased safety measures in the area. Stay updated with the latest developments on this story and learn more about the ongoing investigation and community response.

In a tragic event that unfolded on Lady Musgrave Road, St Andrew, a motorcyclist was shot and killed on Saturday at approximately 5:35 p.m. The incident, which also left another man seriously injured, has led to traffic diversions near Worthington Terrace as investigations continue.

Chilling Eyewitness Accounts

According to eyewitnesses, the horrifying scene began with a high-speed chase. The motorcyclists were being pursued by a car when the occupants of the car began firing at them. The rider, struck by a bullet, lost control of the motorcycle, leading to a catastrophic crash. Following the collision, the assailants continued their assault, shooting the pillion multiple times before fleeing the scene, leaving both victims bleeding on the street.

Immediate Aftermath

Emergency services arrived quickly, but tragically, the motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at the scene. The pillion, however, was rushed to the hospital by a passing motorist and is currently in critical condition, clinging to life on a support machine.

Incident Location: Lady Musgrave Road, St Andrew, near Worthington Terrace.
Time: Approximately 5:35 p.m., Saturday.
Victims: One deceased motorcyclist and another critically injured passenger.
Suspects: Unknown assailants in a motorcar who fled the scene post-shooting.

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