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Horrific Schoolgirl Stabbing Shocks St. Mary

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Horrific Schoolgirl Stabbing Shocks St. Mary: Update on Oracabessa High School Student’s Brutal Assault

Horrific Schoolgirl Stabbing

A horrifying incident unfolded in St. Mary that has left the community in shock and disbelief. A female student from Oracabessa High School fell victim to a brutal attack by an individual described as mentally unstable. In a chilling series of events, the young student was repeatedly stabbed in her neck, hands, back, and buttocks.

Local law enforcement swiftly acted, managing to apprehend the suspect who is currently in custody at the Oracabessa police lock-ups. The details of this disturbing event paint a grim picture of what transpired that day.

Reports suggest that the schoolgirl was walking along the roadway on her way to school when she was suddenly and viciously attacked by the man. The reasons behind this brutal assault remain unclear, leaving the community baffled and concerned for the safety of their children.

In the aftermath of this harrowing ordeal, the injured student received immediate assistance and was transported to the Port Maria Hospital. The latest information from police sources indicates that she is currently undergoing treatment but remains unresponsive, being in critical condition.

This heart-wrenching incident continues to develop, and our news team will provide further updates as more information becomes available. The community, as well as concerned individuals from across the region, await with bated breath for any news of the young victim’s recovery and justice for this senseless act.

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