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The Government’s lack of interest in our sanitation system

The Government’s lack of interest in our sanitation system

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today I would like to talk about the lack of interest in our sanitation system

this leaves me to wonder also about the lack of interest in public health and safety

if the government wants us to be mind full of covid-19 aka coronavirus then why is it they don’t seem to care about public sanitation

the pic seen below is a picture taken in downtown Kingston on upper king street

now I,m confused as to why this extremely unsanitary & stagnant dirty water smells so disgusting simply walking near it the smell gives you an upset stomach.

it is now quite clear that the government’s interests are only in confiscating motor vehicles for traffic violations.

I have personally seen JCF Motor vehicles driving in that same stagnant water attempting to catch taxi men parked, and waiting for passengers.

and on that note, it is so funny that you pay over $300,000 for PPV insurance on your vehicle and etcetera.

yet the said PPV vehicles get nowhere to park to get a load and the government doesn’t seem to care.

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