Constable Torra Lawrence assisting a 91-year-old man to get vaccinated

Constable Torra Lawrence assisting a 91-year-old man to get vaccinated 

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We are aware that there are bad police officers in the Jamaica Constabulary Force but in recent times, we have certainly seen a number of police officers going the extra mile to assist citizens having a challenge. I remember seeing that video of the Commission of Police stopping to help a bike man who had met in an accident. Last year a lady who stopped by a police station to get a short nap ended up sleeping until early in the morning. She was shocked to find out that a police officer was keeping watch over her all this time.
We must admit that many times the police have done their best to lift us up and the policewoman saw in this video below is certainly lifting up a poor old gentleman.
Have a look at the video below which shows a petite policewoman who lifted up an old man and was taking him to the Covid-19 vaccination center. This police ended up lifting up the Jamaica Constabulary Force and also lifting up the nation.
Thanks to the citizen who offered to help here also. There is enough good in this country to overpower the bad.

Constable Torra Lawrence assigned to the Marine Division but currently on CSSB orientation was spotted by a citizen in St. Ann assisting a 91-year-old man to get to the vaccination center at the Bahia Hotel.

When you are in the arms of the law you are well protected. Have a look at this video and you realize that the Jamaica Constabulary Force has some good persons and we must recognize them.

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