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The future Of education Is Being Changed By Technology

 The future Of education Is Being Changed By Technology

Today in this article, we are going to discuss how technology is shaping future education. Here we will also discuss the problems in education addressed by innovation labs. 

Across the country, there are several labs that are testing artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many other innovations that can help to improve learning and will also help in lowering the cost for generation Z and beyond. 

Here in this article, we will discuss how technology is trying to solve problems in higher education.

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Once a professor from Stanford University offered a free online course in artificial intelligence. Beyond his expectation, the experiment attracts 160,000 students from 190 different countries and it generates a wave of publicity. 

 We are having many more examples also showing how technology is reshaping education. 

Technology causes rapid proliferation of massive open online courses that are helping in the wide-spreading use of mobile devices to support a variety of “blended learning models”. This is the way how technology is creating multiple opportunities for educational institutions. 

Technology is playing an important role in changing the dynamics of education. It is especially changing the relationship between teachers and students.

Technology is making education accessible to many. Technology is not only changing the way of teaching but is also changing the way we learn. 

For those who are passionate for study, technology is creating great opportunities and is offering an entirely different learning experience. Technology is improving opportunities for collaboration and communication. 

Technology is a great way for both a learner and a tutor who is looking to go into teaching.

The increasing role of technology in classrooms.

Technology is transforming classrooms and is making education accessible to more and more numbers of beneficiaries. 

The next generation

Around one-third of internet users are children and young adults. Now the crucial issues for schools and colleges are evolving educational needs and updating what students learn and how they learn.

Artificial intelligence

This technology in education mainly aims at identifying what students know and what do not know. After that, this technology subsequently develops a customized curriculum for each and every student. 

Duolingo is an AI-powered language learning app that is considered the most downloaded educational app. 


This technology is also rapidly becoming a fundamental tool in next-generation education. It is basically designed to simplify the communication and interaction between computers and students. There are several benefits of chatbots and these are:

Immediate feedback: With the help of this technology, papers can be judged with 92% accuracy and that too in less time than teachers.

Spaced interval learning: This technology uses repetition and algorithms to optimize memorization.

Self-paced learning: It is a great way to track student’s performance and also guide them according to their individual needs.

This is how innovative technology is assisting tutors with new strategies helping in more engaged learning and simultaneously reducing the workload. 

Video learning

This type of learning may not be considered innovative but is playing a vital component in the customized learning process. This technology is increasing student’s satisfaction by 91% and improving students’ achievements to 82%. This is the reason why tutors are increasingly using videos for:

To offer study material for the assignment

Giving feedback on assignments 

The battle between Traditional and Technology oriented education

The new trend of flipping classrooms has gained momentum and is considered to be a radical change in the way students absorbing information. The new technology-oriented model is eliminating homework and empowering students to work collaboratively during class time. 

Also, this model is increasing the time children spend in front of the screen could be detrimental. 

There are many low-tech and tech-free schools believing human interaction is paramount to keep students engaged and excited to learn.  


So these are some innovative technology helping in shaping future education. I hope you like the article. Please like, share, and comment on your reviews on technology changing the way of education.

Thank you 

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