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Should There Be A Queen Or No Queen You Decide

 Should There Be A Queen Or No Queen You Decide 

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Removing the Queen as head of state will change the behavior of highly insensitive, incompetent oppressive black government heads who sometimes seem worse than the colonizers themselves. How does one explain for example us having a third of our population squatting which is estimated at 1,000,000 mainly from the 98% black population who account only for 5% of the economy? 

When slavery was abolished, there were 350,000 slaves who became squatters. In 1963 the year of so-called independence we murdered 63 of our people and for 2020 it was 1301. Now convince your people how getting rid of the queen as head of state addresses our deep-rooted problems including poverty. Why not start right here with reparations by giving every squatter a livable space of their own.

It is like cowardly political, intellectual fashion statements from Dr this and that on the issue yet low hanging fruits like eliminating squatting is on the back burner. Intellectual dishonesty and conmanship? I am not batting for the Queen but would not support a referendum on the issue if we by ourselves cannot even design a more equitable, safe, prosperous, and civilized society for all its inhabitants. Economic apartheid rampant while our Cecil Rhodes Scholars pontificate and continue with their programs directed by Rhodes Talk. Let us get it right with action and not a bag of mouth to give real power to the people.

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