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Cooreville Gardens Residents, Rescued By The NWC

 Cooreville Gardens Residents, Rescued By The NWC

Oftentimes we blast the utility companies when they do not provide the level of service that they ought to, but I do not believe we commend them enough when they do well.

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Yesterday one of my On The Ground Reporters sent in a report that sewer water was flowing freely on the streets in Cooreville Gardens and many residents were unable to leave their homes. A message was sent to the National Water Commission (NWC) and early this Sunday morning, the NWC workers were seen in Courville Gardens trying to rectify the challenge. Residents are now breathing a sigh of relief because they know that the children would come out to play in the water and not realize that they were playing in untreated sewer effluent.

Many residents expressed concern for the NWC workers who have to work in that environment because according to them the stench is unbearable.

I received some still pictures and a video of the activities taking place to rectify the challenge. Let us commend the NWC and those dedicated workers for arriving on the scene early this Sunday morning in order to make life better for the residents.


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