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It’s Possible Your Friend Or Your Relative Could Be A Child Predator

 It’s Possible Your Friend Or Your Relative Could Be A Child Predator  

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It seems that the practice of adults engaging in sexual relationships with minors and also grooming these minors continues. It means that persons have to be vigilant. Don’t forget that even parents will engage in sexual relationships with their children.
Those of us who love children will have to stand up as parents for these children. Teachers and others must lookout for the signs that indicate that these children are being molested. You can make a report to CISOCA or you can send me a text message to (876) 816-5261.

I am sending this out as a reminder that we have to be careful and we must monitor our children closely. Remember the ones who are most likely to get away with the abuse are those who are relatives and those who are close to the family.

This call has been triggered by the fact that I got a report from one of my On The Ground Reporters that there is a concern that a high ranking professional in Jamaica has been molesting a student. The student has since been removed from the house of the alleged molester. Investigations into the matter is continuing.

I am aware also of a story in the press about two years ago, in which the report stated that a man was having a relationship with a minor. Up until now I am not aware as to what happened to that case. The man went back to his high profile job and that was the end of the matter. The alleged perpetrator is now dead. 

Note: Those who follow my blog will realize that when I mention certain matters I do know a little more that I actually write in the blog.  I have to be careful though, because powerful forces have in the past attempted to cramp my style. I certainly want to continue to serve you. This work costs and I am restricted in what I can do and can say. Your  support is appreciated. 

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