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Vaz explains what happened in the video and claims the stoplight was broken.

Vaz explains what happened in the video and claims the stoplight was broken.

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Vaz explains what happened


Daryl Vaz, the minister of science, energy, telecommunications, and transportation, is disputing claims made on social media that he may have broken the island’s traffic regulations following a viral video of him getting into a car that ran a red light.
Vaz can be seen getting into a car that left the scene of the incident while the traffic light was on red in the brief video clip, which lasts no longer than 19 seconds. Shortly later, the video finishes.
Vaz wrote on Facebook on Monday, “Please note that the videotape finishes before I had even reached the crossing, which would have revealed the lights changing again.
The 19 seconds of the clip, he continued, “Do not fully cover what occurred” on the relevant day.

“I halted a few months back at an intersection’s red light. As the light rapidly switched from red to green to yellow to back to red in a couple of seconds and kept doing so, I realized that it was malfunctioning “Vaz clarified.

After confirming that the junction was clear and signalling the car in front of me, he claims that he continued through the lights after realizing that the light kept breaking down.

Vaz claimed that he reported the problems with the traffic light by calling the head of the National Works Agency’s (NWA) traffic management section.

The officer, whom the minister named “Mr Saunderson,” he claimed, later confirmed that there was a problem with the traffic signal and that it would be fixed quickly.

This occurred months ago, but Vaz noted that since he was appointed minister of transportation on May 24, it has come up for discussion.

The minister said, “That makes one ask what was the aim of not exposing the complete film and revealing it just now.”


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