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Sizzla Affiliate Culture Shot And Killed At Singers Judgement Yard

 Sizzla Affiliate Culture Shot And Killed At Singers Judgement Yard

Sizzla Affiliate

Man found shot to death at Sizzla’s Judgement Yard identified as singer name Culture.

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The Jamaica Constabulary Force is investigating the circumstances of the death of a man whose body was found at Sizzla’s famous Judgment Yard in August Town.

According to news reports, the man is yet unidentified, but he is said to be known to Reggae icon Sizzla and is a bodyguard of the legendary singer and also an artiste himself. Reports are that the man who is far only known by the name of Culture.

He was reportedly shot dead at Judgement Yard in August Town, St Andrew, sometime on Sunday night. Police are yet to provide further details, but the man is also said to be an artiste from Sizzla Kalonji’s camp.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the police reported to Judgement Yard, where Sizzla resides, after calls were made to report a shooting.

On arrival, the man’s body was seen in the compound and has since been removed and is being kept at a local morgue pending identification and notification of family members.

Despite the reports, the police have not confirmed whether the deceased man is a bodyguard of Sizzla. There are further reports that 11 spent shells were found at the scene.

In the meantime, Sizzla has not commented on the matter, and according to the police, he is not available by phone. The artiste is said to have several homes in the area, with Judgment Yard being one of his primary residences.

Up to Monday afternoon, police have not issued a warrant for the arrest of the artiste or any other person. No family member of the man has come forward as well.

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