Understanding the philosophy of seating is a very serious matter

 Understanding the philosophy of seating is a very serious matter

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Many persons do not understand that the philosophy of seating is a very serious matter. You can have major disputes over this matter. In church years ago, the light skin persons who were more than likely rich would sit in the front pew. Poor persons or those who have broken the rules of the church would have to sit on the backbench.
In school, dunce bats use to sit on the backbench while bright sparks use to sit on the front bench. If you were part of a gang of boys then you sit together. Teachers normally deal with the trouble makers by removing some of these trouble makers and putting them in front where they can be watched.

If you took somebody else’s chair in the classroom, then that could result in a big fight which only the principal could quell. One thing for certain is that if a group of boys does not want you to be a part of their group, then do not dare sit in their area.

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