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Man contained hours behind Old Harbour firearm attack, arrested

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A man who was caught by the police hours in the wake of being connected to a shooting episode on Market Street in Old Harbor, St Catherine on June 15, 2022, has been charged.

He is 38-year-old Andrew Williams, generally called ‘Ache’, of William Street, Old Harbor in the area.

Williams has been accused of homicide, unlawful ownership of gun and ammo, injuring with a goal, and shooting with a plan.

Reports from the Old Harbor police are that around 8:30 am, shooters went after a man nearby the transport park. The man ran, and the gangsters purportedly opened gunfire at him as he got away.

Two men who were close by got shot injuries.

The police were gathered and the harmed men were taken to the medical clinic. One of them was articulated dead, while the other was conceded for treatment.

The dead man was subsequently distinguished as 31-year-old Tashaun Douglas, generally called ‘Pow’.

Williams was caught hours after the occurrence during an activity in Old Harbor.

The police said he was charged after a back and forth discussion within the sight of his lawyer on Monday, June 27.

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