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Scotia Bank Replies: $1.7m Transfer Mix-up A Impact of Incorrect Transit Code


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The Bank of Nova Scotia, BNS, is denying a (TalkUpDiTingsDem) News report indicating that customers have identical account numbers, which led to the incorrect transfer of more than 1-million dollars.

Phillip Foote had accused Scotiabank of incorrectly disbursing the sums to the incorrect account at its Half Way Tree branch, despite it being meant for the Scotia center in downtown Kingston.

Scotia’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Yanique Forbes Patrick, says the matter turns on the absence of the transit code and not a duplicated account number.

Mr. Foote has maintained he recorded the correct recipient name and account number, but the wrong branch.

The bank says it sympathizes with Mr. Foote in the matter. But it maintains it is not liable.

Mrs. Forbes Patrick maintains that the customer imputed the incorrect information, by not correctly recording a transit code.

The bank’s vice president says the system submitted the information to the Half Way Tree branch, based on Mr. Foote’s RTGS form.

She says this is not unique to Scotiabank.

Yanique Forbes Patrick, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Scotiabank.

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