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Videos seen by our news center seem to indicate that at no point before or during the altercation was Ms. King wearing a mask.

In the DPP’s opinion, Ms. King reportedly indicated that she was ‘very aggressive’ when she entered the station due to being pepper-sprayed by the police.
The DPP also further revealed that at least two people, who were detained with Ms. King, indicated that they saw her tearing out her own locks.
A person identified as witness one by the DPP said Ms. King ripped out her own hair and said she was keeping them for the police to eat.
Another witness said Ms. King plucked her own hair over a two-day period and then proceeded to tie her hair with a cloth.

The DPP said investigators spoke with a witness who identified herself as a schoolmate of Ms. King.
According to the DPP’s opinion, the schoolmate said Ms. King confided in her that she had cut her own hair because Ms. King had suspected that there was fungus in her hair.
The DPP eventually reasoned that there seems to be a credibility issue with Ms. King saying the 19-year-old’s statement on several issues was contradictory to evidentiary material on file.

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