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Another Disappointed Scotiabank User Arrives Forward with 3-Year Old Unresolved Transfer Case


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Another Scotiabank user has come forward with a separate complaint following a Nationwide News report that at least two of its customers were assigned identical account numbers, resulting in the incorrect transfer of over $1-million.

This is despite the correct recipient’s name and account number being listed on the transfer form.

On January 19, Phillip Foote initiated the transfer of $1,726,108.00 from NCB Savanna la Mar to the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Mr. Foote admits a mistake on his part caused him to record the incorrect branch.

But instead of the funds being returned to him or frozen, it was sent to the account of a completely different individual at Scotia’s Half Way Tree branch.

Scotiabank has since denied that customers have identical account numbers and promised to assist Mr. Foote with this issue.

However, during Nationwide’s Cliff Hughes Online earlier today another Scotiabank user said like Mr. Foote, she had a similar experience that has not yet been resolved after three years.

Suzell Wray Reports:

According to Crystal White, she transferred funds from her NCB account to Scotiabank on March 1, 2019.

However, she was later informed that the funds were not received.

After doing her checks she found that all the information needed to execute the process was correct except the branch.

She said when she contacted NCB she was told that the transaction was successful from their end.

She explained that after corresponding back and forth between both banks she was told almost a year later that the user who received the funds had withdrawn the money and closed the account.

Scotia’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Yanique Forbes Patrick, has since committed to assisting Ms. White.

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