LIVE: Costa Rica vs Germany – World Cup 2022

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LIVE: Costa Rica vs Germany – World Cup 2022

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Costa Rica XI: Navas, Vargas, Fuller, Duarte, Oviedo, Waston, Borges, Tejeda, Aguilera, Venegas, Campbell.
Germany XI: Neuer, Raum, Rudiger, Sule, Kimmich, Goretzka, Mueller, Musiala, Gundogan, Sane, Gnabry.
It’s all to play for in Group E as anyone could still qualify, but since the bottom two are facing each other, only one will be able to advance.
Following their shock win over Japan, Costa Rica could do with a point if the other result is favorable, but will need all three to be sure.
Germany is yet to win at this World Cup, but that will need to change if they are to give themselves a chance of advancing to the last 16. Even then, they will need Spain to prevent Japan from winning.

Some pre-game stats

Costa Rica has only had one shot on target in this World Cup so far – Keyser Fuller’s 81st-minute winner against Japan in their last game.
Germany has won only one World Cup game since their 2014 final triumph over Argentina. That needs to change if they are to make it to the knockouts in Qatar.


Germany gets us underway, wearing their usual white-and-black kit, playing right to left on television screens. Costa Rica is sporting a red jersey with blue shorts.
Here we go.

1 min: Costa Rica 0-0 Germany

Good Navas save

Musiala shoots from distance but Navas gets down quickly to push it out for a corner. The subsequent delivery misses every German player in the box.

4 mins: Costa Rica 0-0 Germany

Gnabry caught offside

The forward gets a shot away from a tight angle, but the move is called back for an offside. Germany starting the brighter here.

6 mins: Costa Rica 0-0 Germany

Mueller chance

Germany forward is free in the box but puts his header well wide of the near post. A golden chance to get his team off to a dream start.

10 mins: Costa Rica 0-0 Germany


Gnabry puts his team ahead with a close-range header. Raum supplied the assist with an inviting cross from the right-hand side.

11 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Germany going through as it stands

With Spain 1-0 up against Japan, the Germans would progress in second place if both results stay as they currently are. Long way to go in both games, though.

14 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany 

Big chance for Goretzka

The midfielder gets some hang time on this jump, but he heads the ball straight at Navas in the Costa Rica goal.
Germans laying siege so far.

16 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Elsewhere in Group E

For those of you keeping an eye on the other Group E game tonight, there’s been a goal in the Japan-Spain match!

Germany bossing it

Hansi Flick’s team has had more than 77 percent possession in these opening stages and has looked the more likely to get the game’s second goal after opening the score.
Costa Rica only needs one goal at the moment, as a draw would suit them.

19 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Gnabry in behind

Sane plays a lovely through ball for his fellow Bayern Munich teammate, but his cross is intercepted and goes behind for a corner. Flick’s team looked very silky in the final third.

22 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Stat attack

Don’t forget you can access these stats, and more – updated live – by clicking on the tab at the top of this blog.

Rudiger appeals for a penalty

He appeared to be hauled down during the taking of a corner, but the referee is not interested. The German defender has a case here, based on the replays.

25 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany 

Safe so far

These guys seem pretty happy with the updates from the Japan-Spain game.

With Spain also 1-0 up, Germany currently sits second in Group E and is set to qualify for the round of 16.

That said, there is more than an hour still to play.

Costa Rica can’t get out of their half

They ostensibly have five at the back, but it might as well be 10 the way they have defended so far. Luis Fernando Suarez’s men have spent much of this opening half-hour camped around their own box.

30 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Looking tense

Germany has had the majority of the game so far, and these Costa Rica fans know it.

Navas collects Kimmich cross

The match has slowed down a tad, with Germany missing the zip they had in the first 20 minutes or so.
Kimmich overhits a cross from the right, which Navas easily grabs.

33 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Spilled shot

The Costa Rican keeper won’t want to see the replays of this one, as he spills a Kimmich shot hit straight down his lane. Gathers eventually, the case for the defense would argue.

36 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Musiala puts it well wide

He wriggles past a couple of defenders before unleashing a shot from inside the box, but it is nowhere near the far side of the goal he was aiming for.

38 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Gnabry goes close

The forward opens up his body and attempts to whip the ball into Navas’ goal, but it curls just wide.
So many German chances in the first half.

41 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

He’s through…
But Musiala can’t yet find the goal

There’s a reason

that Manuel Neuer is judged to be the best goalkeeper in the world. And we just saw a glimpse of it.

Neuer saves a big Fuller chance

A simple ball over the top isn’t dealt with by Rudiger or Raym, and the striker almost puts the ball past the German keeper.

44 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany


It was all one-way traffic for much of that 45 minutes, but Keyser Fuller almost caught Germany napping at the end. That is all it could take to change the outlook in Group E, as a draw would be enough to send Costa Rica through with Spain beating Japan.

Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

The first half in numbers


If Spain conceded one goal, to draw 1-1, without Germany scoring again, Spain would win the group & Japan would put Germany out
Spain doesn’t really have any motive to do that & wouldn’t do so deliberately. 
Spain remains safe with a draw (but could finish 2nd if Costa Rica won)

Second half underway

Costa Rica get us going for the second period, playing right to left in this half. Salas is on for Aguilera for Los Ticos, with Goretzka replaced by Klostermann for Germany.

46 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Kimmich into a more familiar midfield position

The introduction of Klostermann for Goretzka allows Kimmich to occupy his usual midfield berth. Watch the Bayern Munich player pull the string from here.

50 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Germans need a favor from Spain

Japan has leveled their encounter with Spain in the other game in this group, meaning that Hansi Flick’s side is going out as it stands. They need a couple of goals themselves (to help their goal difference) or Spain to get themselves back ahead.

53 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany

Three of the four match officials are women

Fullkrug comes on

If goals you need, then look no further than the Werder Breman man. His strike against Spain got all the headlines, he replaces Gundogan here.

55 mins: Costa Rica 0-1 Germany


Tejeda puts his team level with a tap-in. They had several bites of the cherry before the midfielder put this one away.
Neuer could only parry it into his path after a close-range header.

59 mins: Costa Rica 1-1 Germany

Musical hits the post!

Germany has woken up and the forward hits the far post from a tight angle, but he might have been better passing to Fullkrug in space. Mueller gets a chance just moments later, but his shot is blocked wide for a corner.
Rudiger then takes his turn hitting the woodwork after a cross from Kimmich.

63 mins: Costa Rica 1-1 Germany 

It’s not looking good for Germany.

After a pair of quick goals from Japan, and then one from Costa Rica, the group table has changed dramatically – and Germany is heading home if it stays like this…

Compelling viewing

If you’re not watching the #WorldCup right now you’re doing life wrong. We’re one Costa Rica 🇨🇷 goal away from Germany 🇩🇪 AND Spain 🇪🇸 being knocked out.

German changes

Kai Havertz and Mario Goetze come on for Germany, with Mueller and Raum replaced. Can they change the German’s fortunes?

67 mins: Costa Rica 1-1 Germany

Musiala loving that post

The Bayern Munich forward hits the same post, virtually in the same position as he curls one from the edge of the box.

69 mins: Costa Rica 1-1 Germany


Vargas puts Costa Rica in front! He gets a touch with Neuer coming out and pokes it past him.
It all started from a Costa Rican free-kick with the German defense at sixes and sevens.

70 mins: Costa Rica 2-1 Germany 


Kai Havertz makes it all square with a lifted finish over Navas. The Chelsea player loves scoring on big occasions.

73 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany

As it stands…

With these two drawings 2-2, Japan is currently top of Group E, ahead of Spain. Costa Rica is currently third, with Germany bottom of the table.
For a few minutes there, it looked like Costa Rica and Japan might be going through in a group that also included the European giants of Spain and Germany.
There are still at least 15 minutes to play. Looks like more goals are to come.

Costa Rican changes

Fuller and Venegas are off, with Ronald Matarrita and Jewison Bennette brought on.

77 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany 

The game in numbers (so far)

Navas takes one for the team

Fullkrug should really score but his shot goes straight into the face of Navas and over the bar for the corner. Wild, wild game.

78 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany 

Duarte gets booked

He’s the first player to go into the referee’s notebook in this game.

80 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany

Spain going through a goal difference

As it stands, a draw isn’t good enough for either of these teams to progress. However, one goal, either way, could change the complexion of this group completely.

82 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany

All changes for 2026

Enjoy this drama while you can.

16 groups of 3 teams in 2026. 🤢


Matarrita in so much space

He gets in behind the German backline but his ball into the box isn’t quite up to it and gets cut out. The game is on a knife edge.

84 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany


Havertz puts his team back in front! What an impact since coming on in the second half, he pokes the ball away after a cross from Gnabry.

85 mins: Costa Rica 2-3 Germany

All eyes are on Spain

The Germans need a goal now from La Roja if they are to stay in the World Cup and hold Costa Rica out for the last 10 minutes or so, of course.

88 mins: Costa Rica 2-2 Germany

Goal disallowed

Fullkrug thinks he’s made it four but is miles offside in the build-up of this move. VAR is taking a look though.

90 mins: Costa Rica 2-3 Germany 

Goal stands!

After VAR checks it, the goal from Fullkrug is allowed to stand. He was obviously deemed inactive during the first part of the play when he appeared to be offside.

92 mins: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany 

10 minutes of added time

Plenty of time for another goal or two.

93 mins: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany

Anthony Contreras on for Costa Rica

Can the forward find a goal for his team?

90+4 mins: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany 

Sule off for Germany

Matthias Ginter comes on in his stead.

90+6 mins: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany 

Japan has beaten Spain 2-1

Germany is out, there’s nothing they can do now.

90+8 mins: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany


Germany did their best but they were always relying on a favor from Spain, which was not forthcoming. Goals from Havertz, Fullkrug, and Gnabry meant they won this game, but the damage was done in that opening defeat to the Japanese.
Los Ticos put on a good account of themselves at this World Cup and can be proud of what they’ve done.

Table of Contents

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