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Joint Anti-Gang Task Force Seizes Firearm and Ammunition

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Joint Anti-Gang Task Force Seizes Firearm and Ammunition, Three in Custody

Joint Anti-Gang Task Force

In a decisive and effective operation, the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force conducted a seizure of a firearm and an assortment of ammunition on Cling Cling Avenue, Kingston 11, on Thursday, July 27. The well-executed raid resulted in the confiscation of one pistol, along with fifty-six (56) 9mm cartridges and four (4) 5.56 cartridges. 

Among those apprehended during the operation were three individuals, including a female. However, the authorities are currently withholding their identities.

The Joint Anti-Gang Task Force spearheaded this operation, showcasing their dedication to maintaining peace and safety within the community.

The public’s collaboration remains instrumental in the fight against crime. If you have any valuable information, we encourage you to come forward and assist the security forces. You can report any knowledge regarding guns, gangs, or gunmen anonymously through the following channels:
– Call Crime Stop at 311
National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) Tip line at 811
– Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Tip line at 876-837-8888

By joining forces, we can create a safer and more secure environment for everyone. Together, let’s work towards a crime-free community.


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