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Robbers Cornered two dead and one in custody | TalkUpDiTingsDem News – June 16 2021

Robbers Cornered two dead and one in custody | TalkUpDiTingsDem News – June 16, 2021

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two men are dead and one in custody after  they attempted to rob residents in Cane Heap,  
Saint Mary as we hear in this report from  Codian Barrett the robbery went terribly wrong  
for the criminals when residents  took matters into their own hands

it was a wild goose chase in the wee  hours of Friday night for residents and  
police after a group of men entered the  community of Kane heaps and attempting to rob residents 

according to police, chief superintendent, Robert morgan Simpson 
about  10:45 pm the men went to the home of a mechanic  in the Hopewell district to seek help to fix a vehicle 

in the act of assisting them to fix  their vehicle, they would have attacked him  
and he was stabbed all over his body, he managed to  escape the men and he ran into nearby bushes 

the men made their getaway in the motor car that they  were trying to fix 

it’s understood that the son of  the injured mechanic quickly got into his motor  vehicle and pursued the men he ran his vehicle into the back of the getaway car damaging it and  preventing the assailants from escaping 
the police were then called 

the menopause in the police ran  into nearby bushes then the men in their bid to  
escape the area would have gone to a nearby  community where they tried to steal a Toyota  
axial motor car from a resident 

their residents  were alerted and the men ran from the scene  
one resident said he knew something was wrong when  he saw three strange men running in his direction

residents then came together to search  the area and when they found the men  
they went on the attack, the men ran into the  riverbed where they were set upon by the residents and they were chopped, two died, the other was  apprehended and he was handed over to the police and he is now imprisoned at the Richmond station, he’s been questioned 

upon further investigations police discovered that the motor car  which the men were seeking help to fix, is a stolen vehicle from Kingston

investigations are ongoing, but police believe two more men were involved.

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