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Jamaica Is Falling Into A Bottomless Pit of Social Decadence And Moral Decay

 Jamaica Is Falling Into A Bottomless Pit of Social Decadence And Moral Decay

Man accused of killing his 
pregnant girlfriend

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Somethings have been happening in this country which will make even a crocodile has upset stomach. Stories of men killing their spouses and some spouses being killed when they are in a pregnant state. The gruesome manner in which some persons are killed makes you wonder if the killers are human beings. 

One man pointed out to me that Vernon, although some men have done some horrible things to the women if we know what some of these men go through then we would be sorry for those men.
That is why sometimes when I hear about men abusing women I say to myself when a couple is in a fight then who abused who? None is better than the other. The challenge is, oftentimes the police are put in the middle of it and the officers are left with eggs all over their faces.

Can you imagine that a man who attempted to kill his girlfriend who is very lucky to be alive today and this woman turns around begging mercy for him? She must be the smartest person on this earth.

Think about the alleged abuse of a child by a pastor and the child’s mother has now been prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. My granny would say, “Massa Gad a come fi ‘im earth”.

I have reached the point where I cannot take it anymore or so I thought that things cannot get any worse. Can you imagine that I got this video this afternoon which is shown below?

Now, when you look at what someone has done to this child, then you must agree with me that some persons should not be allowed to have any more children. I also believe that serial rapist and those who it is manifestly clear raped someone should have their equipment immobilized.
Some will say so what about their human rights. I will say to them that children have rights to and evil parents have no right to have innocent children, and then turn around and abused them. We are indeed playing with our criminals and they are certainly not playing with us!
What a country, what a life!
PS: Can you imagine the police saved the life of a young man in Clarendon who a mob was about to kill. because the residents said that he murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Well, the police reported that the alleged murderer hanged himself in prison. His mother who as far as I know did not thank the police for saving her son initially now accuses the police of killing her son. This time we have to say, “Poor police, you can never win.”

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