Home » In a Texaco gas station, one of two cab drivers who were shot died.

In a Texaco gas station, one of two cab drivers who were shot died.

In a Texaco gas station, one of two cab drivers who were shot died.

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Two taxi men were shot, one fatally, following an incident this evening inside a Texaco gas station at the intersection of Molynes and Waltham Park Road in St Andrew.

TalkUpDiTingsDem News understands that the injured man turned up at the hospital with gunshot wounds shortly after his colleague was pronounced dead.

Detectives from the St Andrew Central Police Division are currently on the scene combing for evidence.

More details to come.

One guy was shot dead and another was sent to the hospital in a brazen shooting that happened on Tuesday at a petrol station at the crossroads of Molynes Road and Waltham Park Road in St. Andrew.

Nicholas Scott, a cab driver, age 34, of Kingston 5’s Lincoln Crescent has been named as the dead. The wounded man also drives a cab.

The gun incident, which happened shortly before 7 o’clock at the busy crossing, was captured on surveillance footage that has subsequently leaked.

In the short, 50-second clip, two people are seen riding up on a motorbike. The bike’s pillion rider dismounts and approaches a group of individuals who, according to Loop News, are engaged in a card game.

Soon after, explosions were heard, and people were spotted scurrying for safety.

The gunman then boards the motorbike once more, and the two ride away from the scene of the assault.
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